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14 Days
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To make sure you purchase the right parts you want, please check the Parts NO. (XXX-XXXXXXX-XXX) or Model Name (For example :Modern 14 B10RBSW) are exactly same as this page.

Model Name as below Spec table List.

  • Spec table
Excerpt of suitable series WF76 11UJ(MS-17L2)
WF76 11UI(MS-17L2)
Bravo 15 B5ED(MS-158M)
Bravo 15 B5DD(MS-158K)
Alpha 15 B5EEK(MS-158L)
Katana GF76 11UE(MS-17L1)
Sword 17 A11UE(MS-17L1)
Katana GF76 11UEK(MS-17L1)
Pulse GL76 11UEK(MS-17L1)
Crosshair 17 A11UEK(MS-17L1)
Pulse GL66 12UEK(MS-1583)
Pulse GL66 12UEOK(MS-1583)
Sword 15 A12UE(MS-1583)
Sword 15 A12UGS(MS-1583)
Sword 15 A12UG(MS-1583)
Crosshair 15 B12UEZ(MS-1583)
Crosshair 15 B12UEZO(MS-1583)
Crosshair 15 R6E B12UEZ(MS-1583)
Sword 17 A11UC(MS-17L2)
Sword 17 A11UD(MS-17L2)
Sword 17 A11SC(MS-17L2)
Pulse GL76 11UDK(MS-17L2)
Pulse GL76 11UCK(MS-17L2)
Crosshair 17 A11UCK(MS-17L2)
Crosshair 17 A11UDK(MS-17L2)
Pulse GL76 12UEK(MS-17L3)
Pulse GL76 12UEOK(MS-17L3)
Sword 17 A12UE(MS-17L3)
Sword 17 A12UG(MS-17L3)
CreatorPro M17 A12UKS(MS-17L3)
Crosshair 17 B12UEZ(MS-17L3)
Crosshair 17 B12UEZO(MS-17L3)
Katana GF66 11UE(MS-1581)
Sword 15 A11UE(MS-1581)
Sword 15 A11UG(MS-1581)
Katana GF66 11UG(MS-1581)
Pulse GL66 11UEK(MS-1581)
Crosshair 15 A11UEK(MS-1581)
Pulse GL76 12UDK(MS-17L4)
Pulse GL76 12UCK(MS-17L4)
Sword 17 A12UD(MS-17L4)
CreatorPro M17 A12UIS(MS-17L4)
CreatorPro M17 A12UJS(MS-17L4)
Pulse GL66 12UDK(MS-1584)
Pulse GL66 12UCK(MS-1584)
Sword 15 A12UC(MS-1584)
Sword 15 A12UD(MS-1584)
Katana GF66 11UD(MS-1582)
Katana GF66 11UC(MS-1582)
Katana GF66 11SC(MS-1582)
Sword 15 A11UD(MS-1582)
Sword 15 A11UC(MS-1582)
Sword 15 A11SC(MS-1582)
Pulse GL66 11UDK(MS-1582)
Pulse GL66 11UCK(MS-1582)
WF66 11UJ(MS-1582)
WF66 11UI(MS-1582)
Creator M16 A11UC(MS-1582)
Creator M16 A11UD(MS-1582)
Crosshair 15 A11UCK(MS-1582)
Crosshair 15 A11UDK(MS-1582)
Sword 17 A12VF(MS-17L5)
Sword 17 A12VE(MS-17L5)
Sword 17 A12UDX(MS-17L5)
Sword 17 A12UCX(MS-17L5)
Sword 17 A12UCR(MS-17L5)
Katana 17 B12VFK(MS-17L5)
Katana 17 B12VEK(MS-17L5)
Katana 17 B12UCXK(MS-17L5)
Katana 17 B12VGK(MS-17L5)
Katana 17 B13VEK(MS-17L5)
Katana 17 B13VFK(MS-17L5)
Katana 17 B12UDXK(MS-17L5)
Katana 17 B13UDXK(MS-17L5)
Katana 17 B13UCXK(MS-17L5)
Katana 17 B13VGK(MS-17L5)
Katana 17 B12UCR(MS-17L5)
Crosshair 17 C12VG(MS-17L5)
Crosshair 17 C12VF(MS-17L5)
Crosshair 17 C12VE(MS-17L5)
Bravo 15 B7ED(MS-158P)
Stealth 15 A13VF()
Stealth 15 A13VE()
Bravo 17 C7VE(MS-17LN)
Bravo 17 C7UDX(MS-17LN)
Bravo 17 C7VF(MS-17LN)
Bravo 17 C7VFK(MS-17LN)
Bravo 17 C7VEK(MS-17LN)
Bravo 17 C7VFKP(MS-17LN)
Bravo 15 C7VF(MS-158N)
Bravo 15 C7VE(MS-158N)
Bravo 15 C7UDX(MS-158N)
Bravo 15 C7UCX(MS-158N)
Bravo 15 C7VEK(MS-158N)
Bravo 15 C7VFK(MS-158N)
Bravo 15 C7UCXK(MS-158N)
Bravo 15 C7UDXK(MS-158N)
Bravo 15 C7VFKP(MS-158N)
Sword 15 A12VF(MS-1585)
Sword 15 A12VE(MS-1585)
Sword 15 A12UCX(MS-1585)
Sword 15 A12UDX(MS-1585)
Creator M16 B12VE(MS-1585)
Creator M16 B13VF(MS-1585)
Creator M16 B13VE(MS-1585)
Creator M16 B13UDX(MS-1585)
Creator M16 B12UDX(MS-1585)
CreatorPro M16 B13VK(MS-1585)
CreatorPro M16 B13VJ(MS-1585)
CreatorPro M16 B13VI(MS-1585)
Crosshair 16 A13VGK(MS-1585)
Crosshair 15 C12VF(MS-1585)
Crosshair 15 C12VG(MS-1585)
Crosshair 15 C12VE(MS-1585)
Katana 15 B12VGK(MS-1585)
Katana 15 B12VFK(MS-1585)
Katana 15 B12VEK(MS-1585)
Katana 15 B13VEK(MS-1585)
Katana 15 B13VFK(MS-1585)
Katana 15 B13UDXK(MS-1585)
Katana 15 B12UDXK(MS-1585)
Katana 15 B13VGK(MS-1585)
Katana 15 B12UCXK(MS-1585)
Katana 15 B13UCXK(MS-1585)
Pulse GL66 12UE(MS-1583)
Cyborg 15 A12VF(MS-15K1)
Cyborg 15 A12VE(MS-15K1)
Cyborg 15 A12UDX(MS-15K1)
Cyborg 15 A13VF(MS-15K1)
Cyborg 15 A13VE(MS-15K1)
Cyborg 15 A13UDX(MS-15K1)
Cyborg 15 A12UCX(MS-15K1)
Cyborg 15 A12UC(MS-15K1)
Cyborg 15 A13UC(MS-15K1)
Katana GF76 12UC(MS-17L4)
Katana GF76 12UD(MS-17L4)
Sword 17 A12UC(MS-17L4)
Katana GF76 12SC(MS-17L4)
Katana GF76 12UCK(MS-17L4)
Katana GF76 12UDO(MS-17L4)
Katana GF76 12UDOK(MS-17L4)
Katana GF76 12UE(MS-17L3)
Katana GF76 12UG(MS-17L3)
Katana GF76 12UGS(MS-17L3)
Katana GF76 12UEK(MS-17L3)
Katana GF76 12UGK(MS-17L3)
Katana GF76 12UGSK(MS-17L3)
Katana GF76 12UEO(MS-17L3)
Katana GF76 12UEOK(MS-17L3)
Katana GF76 12UGSO(MS-17L3)
Katana GF76 12UGSZOK(MS-17L3)
Pulse GL66 12UGKV(MS-1583)
Creator M16 A12UEV(MS-1583)
Creator M16 A12UE(MS-1583)
Katana GF66 12UE(MS-1583)
Katana GF66 12UGS(MS-1583)
Katana GF66 12UG(MS-1583)
Katana GF66 12UEK(MS-1583)
Katana GF66 12UGSK(MS-1583)
Katana GF66 12UEOK(MS-1583)
Katana GF66 12UEO(MS-1583)
Katana GF66 12UGSO(MS-1583)
Katana GF66 12UGSOK(MS-1583)
CreatorPro M16 A12UKS(MS-1583)
Katana GF66 12UGSZOK(MS-1583)
Katana GF66 12UD(MS-1584)
Katana GF66 12UC(MS-1584)
Katana GF66 12UDK(MS-1584)
Katana GF66 12UCK(MS-1584)
Katana GF66 12UDO(MS-1584)
Katana GF66 12UCO(MS-1584)
Katana GF66 12UDOK(MS-1584)
Katana GF66 12UCOK(MS-1584)
Creator M16 A12UD(MS-1584)
Creator M16 A12UC(MS-1584)
CreatorPro M16 A12UJS(MS-1584)
CreatorPro M16 A12UIS(MS-1584)
Katana GF76 11UD(MS-17L2)
Katana GF76 11UC(MS-17L2)
Katana GF76 11SC(MS-17L2)
Katana GF76 11UCX(MS-17L2)
Sword 17 A11UCX(MS-17L2)
Katana 17 B11UCX(MS-17L2)
Katana GF76 11UCK(MS-17L2)
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