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MSI LOWER CASE (307-6P1D255-TA2)

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14 Days
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To make sure you purchase the right parts you want, please check the Parts NO. (XXX-XXXXXXX-XXX) or Model Name (For example :Modern 14 B10RBSW) are exactly same as this page.

Model Name as below Spec table List.

  • Spec table
Excerpt of suitable series WE63 8SJ(MS-16P6)
WE63 8SI(MS-16P6)
GE63 Raider RGB 8RE(MS-16P5)
GE63 Raider RGB 8RF(MS-16P5)
GP63 Leopard 8RE(MS-16P5)
GP63 Leopard 8RF(MS-16P5)
GL63 8RE(MS-16P5)
GL63 8RDS(MS-16P5)
GE63 Raider RGB 8SG(MS-16P7)
GE63 Raider RGB 8SF(MS-16P7)
GE63 Raider RGB 8SE(MS-16P7)
GE63 Raider RGB 9SE(MS-16P7)
GE63 Raider RGB 9SF(MS-16P7)
GL63 9RDS(MS-16P5)
GL63 8RD(MS-16P6)
GL63 8RC(MS-16P6)
GP63 Leopard 8RD(MS-16P6)
GE63 Raider RGB 9SG(MS-16P7)
GL63 8SE(MS-16P7)
GV63 8SE(MS-16P7)
GL63 8SD(MS-16P7)
GL63 8SDK(MS-16P7)
GL63 9SE(MS-16P7)
GL63 9SEK(MS-16P7)
GL63 9SD(MS-16P7)
GL63 9SDK(MS-16P7)
GL63 8SF(MS-16P7)
GL63 8SEK(MS-16P7)
GL63 8SFK(MS-16P7)
GL63 9SFK(MS-16P7)
GL63 8SC(MS-16P8)
GL63 8RCS(MS-16P8)
GL63 9SC(MS-16P8)
GL63 9RC(MS-16P8)
GL63 9RCX(MS-16P8)
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